St. Thomas Anglican Church - Bulletin
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  Announcements –  February 18 - 24, 2018

Meetings up and coming:

1. The Church Office will be closed on Monday for Family Day.

2. Bridge Club – no Bridge on Monday

3. Jr. choir – no choir on Monday

4. Brownies – no Brownies on Monday

5. Belleville Choral Society – Mon.  Feb.19th    6:30 pm ???

6. Pathfinders – Mon. Feb. 19th   6:45 pm

7. Christian Meditation- Mon. Feb. 19th   7 pm

8. Stitchers & Knitters– Tues. Feb. 20th   9 am- noon

9.  Quinte Youth Chorale – Tues. Feb. 20th   5:30 pm- 8:30pm

10. Wednesday EUCHARIST – Feb. 21st  7:30 am with breakfast &   9:30 am

11.  Junior Choir – Wed.  Feb. 21st   4:30 -6 pm

12. Regional Children’s Choir - Wed. Feb. 21st   5:30 – 7:30 pm

13. Jr. Choir – Thurs. Feb. 22nd    4:30  - 6 pm

14. Solfege class- Thurs. Feb. 22nd     6:30– 7:15 pm

15. St. Thomas’ Choir rehearsal- Thurs.  Feb. 22nd    7:30 - 9 pm

16. Junior Choir – Fri. Feb. 23rd  6 – 7:30 pm

17.  Belleville Beavers/Cubs   Fri.  Feb. 23rd  6 pm (hall/loft)


                               Coming events/ Activities


The Annual Vestry Meeting will be held next Sunday after the 10 am service (only one service that day). Refreshments will be available before

the meeting. Thank you to those who have offered to bring muffins.

The Vestry booklets and Financial reports are available in the hall.


LENTEN BREAKFASTS-  We have one week left for a couple of people to help with preparing the breakfast after the 7:30 am Wednesday services. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the early morning Breakfast team!!!

   If you would like more information, please contact the church office 613-962-3636. If you wish to volunteer, please sign the sheet on the     wall by the kitchen door. Thank you.

 Famous Organist David Briggs in Recital

  The artist-in-residence at St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York City   

   and international concert organist David Briggs will give a recital at St.  

   Thomas' Anglican Church this afternoon, February 18th, as part

   of “Music at St. Thomas’.” Briggs will perform organ works by J.S. Bach.

 He is also well-known for his improvisations, and part of his programme will be dedicated to improvisation. The concert will start at 4:30 PM. A reception will follow during which light refreshments will be served. Admission by donation.



               Sharing and Caring in a Big Way

Once again we will be helping our students through the stressful

exam time.

How can you help?…. Over the next four weeks, beginning Sunday, February 18th, we are asking you to bring in food items & snacks that can be prepared with a kettle or microwave and are non- perishable. Examples: cup of soups, noodles, specialty teas, coffees, cookies, crackers, popcorn, etc. you get the idea. We will also be looking for help in delivering these parcels….(exact schools are still being sorted out) but if you are going to Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston the week of March 19th  or if could you make a small monetary donation to help with delivery costs it would definitely be helpful.

Last year we sent parcels to 24 students so the need is great!!!!

Do you have a student, grandchild… attending a college or university that we can send a parcel to? Sign up sheets will be available beginning this Sunday. Please sign them up!!!

For additional information see the display in the Parish Centre or call Linda Matchim 613-966-6790

Deadline for items -Sunday, March 18th, 2018


Curry Cooking Class   - Sunday, March 10 

 -class starts at 5 pm with dinner to follow

- $15/person

- learn how to make Chicken Curry, Vegetarian Curry, Mango Lassi and Naan bread

To register, please sign up with Shwetha at the table in the Parish Hall or contact the church office 613-962-3636


This year, St. Thomas’ will once again include a Seder Supper in our

Lenten observances. It will be held on Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 at 6 pm. This is a re-enactment of the ‘Seder’, a Jewish Passover supper.

This is an activity which is suitable for ALL members of the congregation

and we look forward to having the Parish filled with members, young and older alike, from our parish family.

There is a sign up sheet for people to sign up as hosts or guests at the tables. The seating is limited so sign up early.


Kitchen Education Sessions

There will be education sessions offered for ‘kitchen use’ on the second Sundays after church as well as the second Fridays at 5 pm each month until the end of April. There will also be sessions on Fri. Mar.  9th  at 5 pm and Sun. Mar. 11th after church. If you wish to participate in a session

please contact the church office at 613-962-3636.


The Lenten Journey- Transforming Prayer

         Saturday, March 17th    9:30 am – 3:15 pm

Join us for an engaging and informal workshop on the art, gift and work

of spiritual discernment. We’ll have some fun together while responding

to 3 brief presentations, encountering voices from the present and past,

and spending time in quiet personal practice & reflection and group   conversation.


St. Thomas’ Anglican Church

Led by the Ven. Max Woolaver, Diocese of Niagara

Free Will offering (suggested $10 minimum) 

 Lunch included

To register: please call the church office 613-962-3636 or signup on the sheet on bulletin board by the kitchen.



*** Help needed!!! We are looking for volunteers who would be willing to join the teams who ‘count’ the Sunday/church offerings. This is usually done on Monday mornings (except for holidays) for a few hours. Your team (of two people) would be on a schedule to count at least once a month. If you can help, please contact Sandra/church

 office at 613-962-3636.


Basket of Shawls

The Prayer Shawl Knitters have provided a few shawls in a basket at the back of the church for anyone to put around their shoulders if they feel chilly in church. Please don’t hesitate to take one and return it to the basket at the end of the service.



Just a reminder that we at St. Thomas’ continue to collect a number of items such as used stamps,  eyeglasses but not the cases, ink cartridges and batteries. The stamps go to Oxfam. The eyeglasses go to the Lions’ Club for distribution in countries where they do not have access to eye care and glasses. The ink cartridges just go to the recycling at Staples and the batteries go to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for recycling. The baskets for these things have moved from the recycling room across from the kitchen to the shelves at the back of the church. Thanks to all who have faithfully saved these items over the years and bring them to the church after which they get distributed to the appropriate places. It keeps these items out of the Landfill!!


Thanks to the parish collectors!

Bonnie Dobson


Coming Events:

Please check out the following websites for events happening in the near future-


Seedy Saturday


42nd Annual Elders & Traditional Peoples Gathering-

March 2,3,4, 2018