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This beautiful queen-sized Martha's Star Quilt was made by the Stitchers of St. Thomas' Anglican Church and is on display in our Parish Hall. All proceeds from the ticket sales will go toward replacing the Listening Devices on which so many rely in order to fully participate in Worship Services.

Please support the Stitchers in their effort to make this a successful project.

Tickets are: 3 tickets for $5 or a book of 7 tickets for $10. Tickets are available in the church office or from the Stitchers.


see photo

Tickets can also be obtained from the Stitchers or  e-mail   Draw date is June 27th at the Strawberry Social held at the St. Thomas Church.                  
Please support the Stitchers and have an opportunity to win this beautiful quilt.





Adult Christian Education At St Thomas'

St. Thomas' values our ongoing Christian formation and education. It is good for us to be stretched, and challenged, and be introduced to new or different ideas. Such an exercise can either enrich and strengthen our currently held beliefs and assumptions, or open up whole new ways of looking at things. As we broaden our thinking we tend to become more inclusive, more deeply understanding how others might see any number of things differently from us.

This year, our small group Christian education and formation will focus on three available programmes. They are

  1. Living the Questions          learn more
  2. Painting the Stars               learn more
  3. Saving Jesus                       learn more


These Groups will meet on their own schedules, and be safe places within which to further learn and grow as followers of Jesus and His way.

For further information on program schedules and locations please contact the office at St Thomas' during weekday working hours.


MusicMusic Programme: St. Thomas' offers a great music programme for children. The programme is progressive. The Cherub Choir offers music initiation for children under 8 years old. Children develop a sense of melody and rhythm through games and short hymns and songs.

The Junior Choir welcomes choristers from 8 to 15 years old. The basics of music are taught at the preparatory level. Each chorister progresses through the 5 levels of the choir at their own speed. The Junior Choir sings with the Senior Choir for a service approximately once a month.

An Introduction to St. Thomas' Choir. Communicating Through Music.  VIEW HERE.







Want a great way to be kept in touch with all things musical at Saint Thomas'? CLICK HERE





 Life Events



Baptism - For information on being baptised, please go here 
Weddings - If you are interested in celebrating your wedding at St. Thomas', please go here 

Family Ministries


Children and Youth- St. Thomas' values young families sharing in our ministry. Check out our fun and lively programmes 

St Thomas' Anglican Church, Belleville, is a church of the Anglican Diocese of Ontario


which is a part of the Anglican Church of Canada ,.


a province of the Worldwide Anglican Communion .




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Our Mission Statement 

We are, by the grace of God, a caring community, celebrating the Lordship of Jesus Christ, sent to share, through the power of the Holy Spirit, His love with others...

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Sunday May. 31 - 2015
Worship 8:00AM - Communion Service
Basic Communion Srevice with no music
Worship 9:00AM - St Pauls service
Worship 10:30AM - Family Worship