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On the morning of November 15, many people who present the scripture readings during our Sunday Services, participated in a workshop led by Peter Norman.  Peter has a background in theatre, and stage acting.  We investigated a variety of approaches to presenting sacred text verbally, as well as different methods of preparing for presenting the reading.  The participants found this a very worthwhile workshop, and valued the opportunity to focus on something which can so easily be taken for granted.  All learned, and came out with a renewed sense of the importance of this cornerstone to public liturgy.  Thank you, Peter - very well done.


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Graveyard Tour











Recently, St Thomas’ parishioners, dressed in period attire, volunteered to tell the story of some of Belleville’s deceased, many of whom were buried more than 150 years ago in the graveyard at St Thomas’ church. Visitors who joined in the tour of the graveyard were treated to a brief glimpse of life as it existed around town during the 1800’s along with some insight into the lives of those being portrayed.


Fall 2014 read here

Adult Christian Education At St Thomas'

St. Thomas' values our ongoing Christian formation and education. It is good for us to be stretched, and challenged, and be introduced to new or different ideas. Such an exercise can either enrich and strengthen our currently held beliefs and assumptions, or open up whole new ways of looking at things. As we broaden our thinking we tend to become more inclusive, more deeply understanding how others might see any number of things differently from us.

This year, our small group Christian education and formation will focus on three available programmes. They are

  1. Living the Questions          learn more
  2. Painting the Stars               learn more
  3. Saving Jesus                       learn more


These Groups will meet on their own schedules, and be safe places within which to further learn and grow as followers of Jesus and His way.

For further information on program schedules and locations please contact the office at St Thomas' during weekday working hours.


An Introduction to St. Thomas' Choir. Communicating Through Music.  VIEW HERE.







Want a great way to be kept in touch with all things musical at Saint Thomas'? CLICK HERE


Camp Hyanto

There is just something about Camp Hyanto that brings spiritual renewal. I can’t pin point exactly what it is? It could be the laughter of children, Eucharist by the campfire, Velma’s Rice Crispy squares, the beautiful view of God’s creation or the community of staff and volunteers. The one thing I do know without a doubt is that this little community beside a beautiful lake away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is an inclusive and safe place where young people can openly pray, worship, talk about their faith and the love of Jesus.

This summer nine campers, three Leaders In Training and one staff member from St. Thomas’ attended camp. We also had volunteers at two different camps. Denise Brown and Marilyn Clarkin attended Wild About Water in July and in August we sent a volunteer team to Survivor, Beth Calwell, Morgan Calwell, Rev. Brad Beale and Marilyn Clarkin all managed survive an intense week of crafts, chaplain, archery, canoeing, kayaking, survival skills, knots, nature, games, fire building and the ultimate Survivor Challenge. 

It was not all fun and games, well maybe fun, but definitely not games! The last two years Rev. Brad Beale engages us in a project. Last year it was a new step for our Adopt-a-Cabin. This years project was a huge undertaking of replacing the fire circle benches. It was pretty impressive how quickly the process went. With some intense math from and a ton prep work the fire circle came down after breakfast and was rebuilt by 2pm. A great time was had by all. It truly was a blessing to be immersed in worship, prayer, fun, and service.

Marilyn Clarkin
Family, Children & Youth 
Ministries Coordinator
St. Thomas’ Anglican Church








Capital Campaign 2014


At a special vestry meeting held on 4 May 2014, St Thomas’ parishioners approved a motion to proceed with the repair and restoration of the church’s stained glass chancel window.

The reconstruction of the window was completed at the end of June.  The capital campaign has been extremely well received and successful thus far.  As a result of the generous level of donations, the campaign has exceeded the costs of the project with a projected funds excess that will be set aside for future capital needs.   The costs of the project have been covered and paid by donations received thus far.  To date, approximately 90% of parishioners have been advised of the campaign.

This campaign will continue until the end of November in order to provide time to complete canvassing and allow outstanding and future pledges to be managed.   Pledge forms are available from the office or are available for download here.

In order for the expenditures to be shared amongst the parishioners, it continues to be important that you indicate your commitment by completing this pledge and delivering it to the office as soon as possible.




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Family Ministries

Children and Youth- St. Thomas' values young families sharing in our ministry. Check out our fun and lively programmes 

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We are, by the grace of God, a caring community, celebrating the Lordship of Jesus Christ, sent to share, through the power of the Holy Spirit, His love with others...

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